bronekater BK1125 MIGPRODUCTIONS RESIN 1/35 WARSHIP half sunk


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This is a 1/35 scale armoured Soviet Motorboat BK1125 cast resin model kit. Its resin casting is top quality, with the large hull and deck sections being perfectly without any warping and the smaller parts free of any air holes or other blemishes. The most part of the pieces has been improved respect the previous in this deluxe limited edition. As the kit is a very limited edition with 1 figure bonus and a deluxe wooden box it could well become a collector’s item.
This half sunken version of the original Mig Productions Bronekater kit is designed in a manner that displays it rest in at an angle with the rear submersed. This kit will add a fantastic and chaotic appearance to any Eastern Front shoreline diorama. The cut hull sits absolutely flat on the ground. The boat is accurately designed, containing a detailed armoured cabin, three turrets and numerous hatches. A section containing a large shell hole is also included coloured step-by-step instructions showing how to install this unique part into the deck. Metal chains for the railings and other accessories are also included .


*Recommended for ages 14 and over


HISTORY: The BK boats were used between 1939 and 1945 on all European fronts from Austria to Stalingrad and in all rivers and were armed with different combinations of turrets and KATUSKA rockets for bombardment with the model depicting a boat with three 12.7mm machine gun turrets from the T-28 or T-35 tank and a 76.2mm T-34 Model 1941 main turret. The BK boat had a 10 man Naval infantry crew and were transported by train to move the units from a river to river and was specially designed to cross tunnels and bridges on board train wagons.

The Soviets used these ships in frontal attacks against other land tanks or enemy infantry with those armed with KATUSKA rockets for bombardment against fortifications or cities (Vienna in Austria was bombed with these ships).

The BK boats can be painted in 4 different camouflage schemes:

  • Light Grey
  • White, Grey and light grey
  • Green
  • Green and Brown, like the T-34 tanks.

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