Auxiliary products

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  • P250 absolute chipping migproductions P250

    Absolute chipping


    Acrylic solution for make all kind of ultra realistic chippings


  • P251 decal setter migproductions P251

    Decal setter


    Increases the decal adhesion.


  • P252 decal softener migproductions P252

    Decal softener


    Smoothes the decal to reach any recessed or raised surface.


  • p508_antiskid_migproductions P508

    Antiskid paste


    Special acrylic textured paste.

    This a special acrylic textured paste. Specially designed to be applied as antiskid pattern over tanks, trucks, planes, boats or any kind of finish. It can be mixed with all our products and we recommend you to use high quality Abteilung 502 brushes to get the best results. Once dry it’s rock hard and can be sanded.

  • p510_concrete_migproductions P510

    Concrete paste


    Special acrylic concrete paste, AGED BLUE.

    This is a new acrylic based paste specially designed for a wide range of situations. As the name suggests, it can be used to represent concrete, walls covered or finished in plaster, plaster around bricks. For the best results it can be applied by brush, spatula or a small sponge. It can also be mixed with all products from our catalogue ir order to achieve a huge number of finishes or color variation. It can be applied directly over balsa wood, plastic, metal, foam the adhesive properties are extreme and once well dry, the Concrete past is rock hard and can be sanded or carved.