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  • ABT005 Smoke ABT005



    A great product for the perfect simulation of exhaust soot on your models, but the uses don’t stop there, Smoke is useful on wheels, engines and of course burnt vehicles. For subtle variety of exhaust tones Smoke can be used to create washes and dark filters for exhaust staining on aircraft.

  • ABT006 Burnt Umber ABT006

    Burnt Umber


    A classic, must have, multipurpose colour that can be used alone or combined with other colours for the creation of various effects. Burnt Umber is a neutral/ dark tone making it perfect for enhancing volume on sand colours and on any type of accessories.

  • ABT007 Raw Umber ABT007

    Raw Umber


    One of the most popular colour for most modelers around the world; Raw Umber is a great choice making light colours darker, and dark colours lighter. Various effects can be created from different combinations for earth tones, washes and filters.

  • ABT010 Yellow ABT010



    Perfect to create colour variations on brown and sand tones and on different green tones as well.

  • ABT015 Shadow Brown ABT015

    Shadow Brown


    A basic colour especially created to add shades on your model’s fine details. Its developed tone makes it perfect to create different shadows as well as filters. Also when combining with other browns it will enhance chromatic variation on your models.


    ABTEILUNG 502 – CATALOGUE 2018 (L.E)


    The latest catalogue from ABTEILUNG502 for the present year 2018 is already available with a limited edition oriented to collectors.

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  • ABT019 catalogue abteilung502 migproductions ABT019

    ABTEILUNG 502 – Catalogue 2019 (L.E)


    The latest catalogue from ABTEILUNG502 for the present year 2019 is already available with a limited edition oriented to collectors. All the latest new products from the luxury modeling brand published in 40 pages with a carefully edition.

    *Available language: English.

  • ABT020 Faded Dark Yellow ABT020

    Faded Dark Yellow


    An ideal colour to darken sand yellow tones and create different colour combinations for dust effects. Also very useful to create shades in yellowish colours for figures, flags or any piece painted with yellow tones. Warm colours are also indicated to illuminate panels and areas with higher incidence of light.

  • ABT025 Warm Red ABT025

    Warm Red


    Perfect colour to enrich models painted with a red primer base and to create several different effects on them. Also perfect to work on figures with brown or redish uniforms and add areas with more light. Also recommendable to highlight details on different elements of dioramas such walls, roof tiles, etc.

  • ABT030 Faded Navy Blue ABT030

    Faded Navy Blue


    This is the perfect colour to combine and achieve different colour variations on Panzer gray in order to improve your winter scenes. It can also be used to add depth or creating increases and decreases of light on figures with blue uniforms. On small scale ships it can be blended with other blue tones and applied on the gray ship hulls to achieve more volumes and differentiate areas as the bridge and other structures.

  • ABT035 Buff ABT035



    Suitable to mix with all the base colours and create dirt and dust effects. Thanks to its light tone you will achieve shadow areas on white or light gray parts. Very useful to illuminate certain parts on brown, sand or tri-tone camouflages vehicles.

  • ABT040 Faded Green ABT040

    Faded Green


    A perfect colour to be use on nature scenes, river banks, moss accumulations, rain effects, etc. Also suitable for green vehicles and figures with green uniforms of any period in order to differentiate and contrast different áreas.

  • ABT050 Olive Green ABT050

    Olive Green


    A basic colour that allows us to increase vividness on our olive green models. It can also be used for uniforms and vegetation painting. Combining it with other shades of green will add higher tone variation and the final result will be richer.

  • ABT060 Light Rust ABT060

    Light Rust


    Perfect colour to simulate light rust effects and also to work on metallic structures, exhausts, etc. It is recommended to combine with different rust tones to achieve more realistic finishes. Rust colours are indicated to apply washes on many parts of any vehicles, and thanks to the colour vividness of the oil paint, the results will be outstanding

  • ABT070 Dark Rust ABT070

    Dark Rust


    A very realistic dark rust tone, perfect for creating rust effects found on various types of metal, such as exhaust pipes … For best resuIts we recommended using it in combination with other shades of rust to achieve highly realistic finishes.

  • ABT080 Brown Wash ABT080

    Brown Wash


    An ideal colour for creating variations in tone on models that have been painted in light colours. Once applied, the subtle effects reveal a very realistic finish.